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Presence of allergen in the environment may cause adverse reactions in hyper sensitive people, including sneezing, coughing or scratching. Watery-eyes, spots like blisters that are quite painful or lung infection are some other problems which they might face. To prevent these, it is important to avoid all activities and products that aggravate allergens.

There are so many things in the house, like flooring, cleaning solutions and others, which have the potential to harbor allergens, such as dust and dust mites. These can be found in homes where people spend over twelve to fourteen hours daily. Therefore, precaution must be taken to keep homes free from allergic-causing substances.

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Tile floors can increase the beauty and elegance of any room. There are many benefits to choosing tile floors.

They are more durable and easy to clean than carpet or wood floors. They can also increase a property's value. There are more design options available with tile floors than with carpeting or wood. Tile floors can be customized to match any decor. Unfortunately, the cost of installing tile floors can be high. In addition, the installation can be a lengthy and inconvenient process. For those seeking to avoid the expense and time involved in installation, interlocking floor tiles can be an attractive alternative.

Traditional tile installation requires many tools and lots of patience which have to be pre-set on the floor, cut down to size, then adhered to the floor using a strong industrial glue. They will not stick to every surface and frequently, a layer of floor base must be installed before the tiling work can begin. If the tiles are placed too close together, they can buckle, leaving unsightly bumps and lumps on the floor. If they are placed too far apart, there will be obvious gaps. If a mistake is made when laying down the tile, it is very difficult to fix as the tile is glued to the floor. The tile will have to be pried up, excess adhesive scraped, and the process started over. Laying traditional tile floors is a project that can take several days, to several weeks, to finish.

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Hardwood floors have come a long way in the past thirty years. There is a hardwood floor for every room in your home, including those places wood has never gone before, like the kitchen, bath and utility room. There are more choices, styles, colors and even healthy finishes available today. These choices will make your floor one-of-a-kind!

To help you make an informed decision on what wood floor is right for you, keep reading!

Step 1 - Types of Wood Floors

Choosing the perfect floor for your home or office is simply a matter of having the facts, comparing the types and selecting an experienced wood flooring professional to do the job.

Let's start with the wood itself. There are three categories of wood flooring on the market today. Following is a comparison that will help you choose which wood is right for you.


Solid Flooring: All wood flooring, regardless of width or length that is one piece of wood from top to bottom is considered solid flooring.

Solid flooring gives you a great opportunity for customization. Your choice of species, stains, and finishes all contribute to the personalization of a solid floor. Adding borders, medallions, corner treatments, etc., can further customize a solid wood floor.

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Diagnosing the Cause Of, and Avoiding Cupping in Solid Wood Flooring

Cupping or dishing in solid hardwood means the boards raise slightly at their edges making the hardwood flooring uneven across its width. The cause of cupping is an imbalance of moisture through the timber. This can be a result of a spillage on the floor, or because of the hardwood flooring gaining moisture from the sub-floor material.

Taking moisture reading of the underside of the timber and comparing this with a reading taken from the upper side will confirm this.

Wood always expands when it takes on moisture. It therefore follows that moisture on the underside of the wood will make the underside expand laterally. However, the upper side of the wood which has not absorbed any moisture, so this stays at near its original size. The immense strength of the expansion of the underside of the wood is what makes the edges of the wood curl.

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Have you gotten bored with how your home looks, how it feels, has it lost the luster in your heart that it first had when you moved in. Does it feel like it might be time for a change, for a new venue? A great number of people feel the same way, in fact quite often. But rather then moving you might consider replacing some or all of the flooring in your home.

Replacing flooring along with minor changes in furnishings from time to time can keep that feeling of newness ingrained in your home. Adding a special touch with just the right flooring can make even the most commonplace room décor into something special. Carpets once were king, now hardwoods and custom style tiling have come into their own. Not to say that carpeting has gone out of style, it hasn't. But more and more where once a home was wall to wall carpet, people are experiencing the magnificence and select beauty that contrasts in flooring materials can make in a home.

One methods of home decorating use to be to visualize a room with all the furnishings, then furnishing the room with the flooring only being thought of in a functional manner or by virtue of color coordination. But today it is not uncommon for the floor itself to be the center piece of the room, with everything else being selected only to compliment the beauty of the floor itself.

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Wood flooring can add value to your home, not to mention it can be a rich and bright touch to your home décor. But as lovely as it is, hardwood flooring is susceptible to the elements, and to keep your floor looking lustrous for years to keep, there are some important tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep moisture away

If your flooring has a good coat of finish, then it will be more resistant to water than those with no or little remaining finish; nonetheless, water is the biggest enemy of all natural wood flooring. It can cause warped and cracked boards, and for this reason, one of the best things you can do for your floor is keep moisture away. Do this by quickly cleaning spills with a slightly damp cloth, and by not installing wood floor in a damp place, like the bathroom, to begin with.

2. Sweep regularly

Dirt and grit can build up fast on floors, and these can easily scratch the surface of wood flooring, so try to sweep your wood flooring with a soft-bristled broom once every day or two.

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It is inevitable, almost everyone no matter how long they have lived in their house, wants to replace their flooring at some point. Do you have carpet that is covered in pet stains, juice, coffee or wine stains? Carpet gets matted down and shows wear patterns quickly. Alternatively, maybe you have hardwood floors that are full of scratches and dents. Linoleum that is peeling up at the edges and seams and has rips and tears in it.

No matter what type of flooring you currently have. If you are not happy with what you are walking on, it can reduce the value and appearance of your home dramatically. If you are considering a new floor, you owe it to yourself to look into cork flooring as an option.

What Is Cork Flooring?

Cork has been used in a variety of capacities for thousands of years including flooring. Because of all of the wonderful properties found naturally in cork, it is a perfect choice for flooring, sound proofing, and of course in wine bottles.

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Stone floors are extremely popular, and they have been for many years. The vast range of colors and shades, the durability, practicality and relative ease of maintenance, plus their abundance in nature has made them a perennial choice of flooring material down the centuries. But they are not indestructible, they are easy to look after and maintain but there are some pitfalls to avoid. Below are the most common mistakes people make when caring for their floors.

1. Lack of Dust Mats

The number 1 enemy of all floors, not just stone, is grit. Every flooring material will wear, it is just a matter of time. If I were to take two diamonds (the hardest known natural material) and rub them against each other, guess what, they will both wear. Every-day grit, carried in on shoes can contain all kinds of minerals such as quartz. Walking this onto your floor will quickly dull and scratch its surface. The answer is to eliminate grit, any way you can and one of the best ways is to put a dust-collecting mat outside the door. If you add another just inside you are giving your floor a much better chance of avoiding harmful grit.

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Wood flooring can be a great addition to your home, but it may not be the number one choice of many contractors and building contractor. This article will look at both wood flooring and laminate wood flooring to help you decide.

The main aspects to be considered while installing hardwood floors are the general color tone (dark brown, medium brown, light brown, reddish brown, golden brown, natural or other colors); the wood floor type (solid, engineered or floating); where is the floor going to be installed (above ground level, at ground level or below ground level); what the floor will be placed on (over concrete slab, plywood sub floor, oriented strand board, previous vinyl or wood sub floor) and so on.

There are different styles of wood floorings: parquet, which is a popular series of flooring pieces arranged in a geometric design; plank hardwood flooring, which are linear and wider planks of wood; and strip, which is linear flooring that is not as wide. Engineered wood floors are also categorized as parquet (series of flooring pieces arranged in a geometric design); plank hardwood flooring (linear and wider planks of wood); and strip (linear flooring that is not as wide) styles.

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Finally, more and more people are remodeling their homes or buying new ones. In either case, the flooring industry is experiencing a renaissance not seen since the housing boom of the late 1990's and lasting through the initial stages of the new millennium. Home owners are now purchasing flooring at an amazing pace, and carpet, tile, wood floors and area rugs are all components of the housing revolution. The obvious is that many of these new homeowners are unfamiliar with the differences that exist within each category of the flooring that they may be interested in, and which floor covering dealer in their locale would be the best place to buy. This is where "Browse Floors" ( can be the home owners most important resource. Browse Floors is well on its way to listing over 10,000 flooring dealers throughout the United States. No matter what type of flooring your looking for, you'll find your very best options on 

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Ten questions you must ask your hardwood flooring supplier when considering purchasing hardwood flooring. If your hardwood flooring supplier answers all of these questions in a way that satisfies you then they would be worth further researching. If the hardwood flooring supplier does not know the answers to the following questions then they truly do not know the hardwood flooring basics and should not be selling it. Hopefully this article will help you make an informed hardwood flooring purchase.

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Learn: what laminate flooring is and why it's different from hardwood flooring, what an AC rating is and why it is important to the consumer,  about tongue and groove and locking systems for laminate floors, a list of dos and don't for laminate flooring

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Learn about advantages of hardwood flooring  information about prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring, available surfaces and stains for solid hardwood, popular species, a list of "dos" and
"don'ts" when caring for hardwood floors.

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After saving for a long time, you finally have enough money together to start planning your much needed kitchen renovations. You know exactly what appliances you want and you already have your mind set on which cabinetry should be installed. The lighting has been arranged, the windows have been ordered, and the only thing left on your list is the flooring. The choices are endless, but that does not mean that every type presented to you at the flooring shop is right for you.

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Tile flooring installation is a big project to take on your own. It can be done, but it's much easier with the help of family and friends or simply hire a professional installer to do it and save a lot of time and energy. But if you are certain that you want to tackle tile flooring installation on your home, here is how you are going to do it.

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After seeing the cost involved in installing ceramic tile flooring, many homeowners immediately choose another flooring alternative.  But, when it comes to flooring, you often get what you pay for.  What you will need to decide is what is more cost effective in the long run?  Can you afford to have any other, cheaper kind of flooring replaced after several years, especially if the floor is going to routinely get wet?  The durability may be worth the extra cost you will need to pay up front.

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If you want to restore your wooden flooring back to its glory days hire a reliable floor sanding company who can do a very thorough sanding job and ensure that your flooring looks smooth and shiny. With so many floor sanding companies in the market it can get quite confusing to find a suitable floor sanding company to take care of your flooring project.

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